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个体和互动 高于 流程和工具
工作的软件 高于 详尽的文档
客户合作 高于 合同谈判
响应变化 高于 遵循计划


# Kent Beck, James Grenning, Robert C. Martin
# Mike Beedle, Jim Highsmith, Steve Mellor
# Arie van Bennekum, Andrew Hunt, Ken Schwaber
# Alistair Cockburn, Ron Jeffries, Jeff Sutherland
# Ward Cunningham, Jon Kern, Dave Thomas
# Martin Fowler, Brian Marick
著作权为上述作者所有,2001年 ,此宣言可以任何形式自由地复制,

Agile 12 Principle

  1. Our Highest Priority Is To Satisfy Customer through Early and Continuous Delivery
  2. Welcome-Changing Requirements Even Late In Development. Agile Processes Harnesses Change for Customer Competitive Advantage
  3. Deliver Working Software Frequently (Weekly or Monthly) With Focus on Shorter Timescale
  4. Business People and Developers Should Work Together Daily
  5. Build Projects around Motivated Individual. Provide Them the Environment and Support They Need and Trust Them
  6. The Most Efficient Way to Convey Information to Your Development Team is Face To Face Conversation
  7. Working Software Is a Primary Measure of Success
  8. Agile Process Promotes Sustainable Development. Sponsors, Developers and Users Should Maintain a Constant Pace
  9. Continuous Attention to Technical Excellence and Good Design Boosts Agility
  10. Simplicity—The Art of Maximizing The Amount of Work Not Done but Is Essential
  11. The Best Requirements, Architecture, and Design Emerge From Self Organizing Teams
  12. At Regular Interval, Team Reflects on How to Become More Effective and Tweak Behavior Accordingly


  1. 我们的最高目标是,通过尽早和持续地交付有价值的软件来满足客户。
  2. 欢迎对需求提出变更——即使是在项目开发后期。要善于利用需求变更,帮助客户获得竞争优势。
  3. 要不断交付可用的软件,周期从几周到几个月不等,且越短越好
  4. 项目过程中,业务人员与开发人员必须在一起工作。
  5. 要善于激励项目人员,给他们以所需要的环境和支持,并相信他们能够完成任务。
  6. 无论是团队内还是团队间,最有效的沟通方法是面对面的交谈。
  7. 可用的软件是衡量进度的主要指标。
  8. 敏捷过程提倡可持续的开发。项目方、开发人员和用户应该能够保持恒久稳定的进展速度。
  9. 对技术的精益求精以及对设计的不断完善将提升敏捷性。
  10. 要做到简洁,即尽最大可能减少不必要的工作。这是一门艺术。
  11. 最佳的架构、需求和设计出自于自组织的团队。
  12. 团队要定期反省如何能够做到更有效,并相应地调整团队的行为。



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