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4/7/2012 20:16

宿主机Debian, 客户机winxp, 磁盘文件格式raw


sudo mount -o loop,offset=32256 -t ntfs winxp.img   /mnt



winxp.img and loop1 is not a single partition (which can be mounted), it is image of full hard disk with own partition table.

You should read partition table from loop1 with fdisk; compute offset of first partition and do:

sudo mount -o offset=N -t ntfs /dev/loop1 /home/robert/kvm/images/tmp 

where N is offset in bytes.

Telepathic mode on N is 32256 Telepathic mode off

and finally, google mode on (I’ll google “offset 32256”):


Linux and other Unix-like hosts can mount images created with the raw format type using a loopback device. From a root login (or using sudo), mount a loopback with an offset of 32,256.

mount -o loop,offset=32256 /path/to/image.img /mnt/mountpoint

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