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4/23/2012 13:13


Microsoft Windows


On Windows you can use the AutoHotkey program which uses “scripts” to remap the keyboard.

This method has a couple benefits. One is scripts can be compiled to a stand alone .exe file which can be executed on a machine that doesn’t have AutoHotkey. Another is, the key re-mapping can be set to only apply in emacs; the caps lock key will behave normaly in every other program. (If that’s what you want.)

To remap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl save the following to a file named script.ahk. Then execute the script with AutoHotKey by double clicking it. See the AHK2EXEdocumentation to learn how to make scripts into stand alone executables.

    #IfWinActive emacs  ; if in emacs
    +Capslock::Capslock ; make shift+Caps-Lock the Caps Lock toggle
    Capslock::Control   ; make Caps Lock the control button
    #IfWinActive        ; end if in emacs

The original Caps Lock behavior is here mapped to Shift + Caps Lock.

If you want the caps lock to be the control key everywhere remove the lines that begin with “#IfWinActive?”.

If you want this AHK script to remain in effect across windows restarts place the script in your startup folder. See the startup section of the AHK FAQ for more specific directions.

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