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9/30/2011 6:56 | Tag:

  • download jenkins.war; http://mirrors.jenkins-ci.org/war/1.432/
  • deploy the war to jboss(version:4.0.5.GA) or tomcat
  • start jboss
  • open url http://localhost:8080/jenkins
  • navigate to  Manage Jenkins>Configure system
  • configure name and path for maven
  • go to jenkins > manage jenkins> manage plugins>advanced
  • configure proxy (optional)
  • click “choose file” to upload the plugin; e.g.: git plugin
  • restart jboss
  • go to jenkins>Manage Jenkins>Configure system
  • configure name and path for git plugin(optional)
  • Create a new job, jenkins>new item
  •  input job name , select Build a free-style software project
  • [Source Code Management], select git, input URL of repository
  • [build], click “add build step”,  select invoke top-level Maven targets
  • select maven version
  • input Goals. e.g. clean, install, surefire-report:report, cobertura:cobertura





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